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Bacardi and Myspace Records Celebrate BoomKats New Single

What a night, what a night! That is all I can really say about this event and how much of a pleasure it was to be sitting here today to write about it. It was amazing how everything went off without a single problem.

First, the event was an exclusive Los Angeles party to celebrate “Boomkats” summer single, “Stomp”  from their album A Million Trillion Stars.  The evening will feature a special live performance by BOOMKAT. I had no clue until much later on in the evening when they were set to perform that actress Taryn Manning was the lead singer. Her brother Kellin is also a member of the band.

To make a long story short, I received the invitation and it had no address for the private residence where it was taking place. The PR company, BNC, was supposed to contact me with it at a later date. I’m sure they did this because they didn’t want alot of people showing up to the house. Uninvited guests would be unable to get in to the event.

My photographer Scott and I arrived to the event a little early. We parked further down the mountain then most people simply because I’m cheap and didn’t want to get the car valet parked. I just purchased a drink a mere 3 minutes before we got there when I dropped it and it rolled down the mountain. I was upset because I just lost 2 dollars. This a shitty way to begin the evening!

We walked into the house and met the PR team. They had between 5-7 PR people working that night and they where all very friendly. They knew exactly what they where doing and how to handle everything. This is what I call a professional team of girls! The team knew exactly what to do and they didn’t look like they would kill the next person that asked them a question.

Since I had some time to just hang around, I started talking to a few people and one of them was Taryn’s brother Kellin who was also very relaxed and just hanging out waiting for it all to start.

When it began, it opened up with some very attractive girls walking around, serving us little snacks as well as Bacardi drinks. I loved this because I only had to go to the bar twice and the first time was just to get a coke because it was still pretty hot.

The highlight of the entire party were the free drinks, free food. BoomKat’s performance was great! I’ll have a short interview with both Taryn and Kellin, which I’ll post in the near future. I’ll also listen to the CD I got in my free giftbag which I’ll give you my full review on. In the VIP bags, we received items from Born Unicorn Trainwreck,Maluke,Urban Decor,Mrs Fields Cookies (they were REALLY good!) and Metromint water..just to name a few.

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