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Coverage of the Vin Diesel Premiere of “Los Bandoleros”

First-welcome to my brand new column “Hollywood Unwrapped The Eyes, the Ears, the Honest Voice of Hollywood”. This column has been in the works for some time and I thought now was a good time to launch.

Page Five recently had the chance to jump on the
red carpet to celebrate the release of the “Fast and Furious” DVD and Vin Diesel’s short movie “Los Bandoleros”. The crowds lined up outside the AMC Theatre at Universal City Walk to get a glimpse of Vin Diesel who was kind enough to attempt to give everyone in the crowed a high five. The highlight was when he did a small little dive into the screaming fans and someone got a little frisky with the action star. It looked like the fan may have gone for the stars wallet but I am not really sure. I am positive that he came with a force from Universal Studio’s security eho endured he didn’t have any trouble. His publicist gave us all two questions to ask Vin. I knew that this man has his hands in everything from directing, video games and acting. He was kind enough to give me a glimpse into each:

“I like them all for different reasons” Vin said  “Video games appeal to the kid in me and  I produce those games because I am a gamer”. “Directing is an opportunity for me to tell a story and I’m a story teller” and “acting is therapeutic.”

I liked his responses. I’ve enjoyed Vin’s video games that his studio “Tigon Studios” has made such as “The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay”. I have not played the other titles such as “The Wheelman” and “The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena”. The company have some interesting titles coming up including “Secret Service” a game that has been announced on the Tigon Studios website. “Secret Service” puts the player in the position of a member of the United States Secret Service. The game is a collaboration between Tigon Studios, Director Bryan Singer and Mark Feigin and  most probably will star Vin.

I decided to question him more on the movie. I was curious as to why he accepted to take the role again for a third time since he was in “Tokyo Drift” Fast and Furious 3 for approximately 2 minutes. “It was incredible because Universal’s approach to making this movie was right across the board.” The way that they enrolled me was by asking me to produce the movie which made me a little bit more accountable then the previous Fast and the Furious so it was a great feeling to come back, and work with the same cast and to continue the story.

He also added that he loved it so much that after production ended, he produced (through his new production company One Race Films/One Race Production) the short movie in the Dominican Republic.

When I spoke to
Sung Kang, who played the lead character in Tokyo Drift, I talked to him about his character and how he knew Don (Vin Diesel)? He said “This movie will fill you in on a lot of the stuff you where confused about in the third movie”.“How I got into the whole car scene and how I know Don”  When he discussed coming back to do this movie, and said its more like “Fast and Furious 2.5″ since it is a prequel to the first. The short is a prequel to the prequel ” which honestly confused me, I’m dead and I’m a ghost?” That’s when producers said that it’s a prequel.

Pretty much by Universal asking him to produce, they made him an offer that he just couldn’t refuse.

I also must add that I loved his response to what kind of movie he enjoys working on the most-action or comedy. His response “You can live these different lives”. “You don’t just want to be typecast as just an action star and not be able to handle other genres”.

The short movie tells the intriguing back story about the characters and events leading up to the explosive oil truck heist in “Fast & Furious”.  Featuring Fast & Furious cast members Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tego Calderon, Don Omar and Sung Kang.

Fast & Furious DVD with Vin Diesels short will be available July 28

Jeremy Meyer is an entertainment reporter, covering the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, and has also covered sports in the greater LA area. He has interviewed many A-list actors including Jake Gyllenhaal, Ellen Page and Charlize Theron, and has been told that he has his fingers on the pulse of Hollywood.

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