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“The House That Jack Built” World Movie Premiere After Party.

FourTwoFive Films,celebrated “The House That Jack Built” World Movie Premiere After party in an exclusive way at the trendy West Hollywood Spot Apple Lounge.Indeed this was the place to be Tuesday night as Stars and friends alike came together for a very special event.

This unique Movie Premiere After party was a benefit for The Wellness Community for “Cancer” in Paso Robles, California it so served as a celebration for the completion of the movie, directed by Bruce Reisman, and presented by FourTwoFive Films and Winbrook Entertainment. This most talked-about Event kept the city of  West Hollywood awake until 2am.

The night started with the Redcarpet arrivals that attracted several Celebrities including the cast of the Film like  SharJackson, Kris Black, Sam Sarpong, Johnny V, Michael Guarnera and others.
We had a glimpse of other celebrity guests including;
Cheryl Burke(Dancing with the stars)
Warren Sapp(Former NFL Star)
Evan Ross(Diana Ross’s Son)
Christopher Mintz-Plasse(Super Bad)
James Leisure (Las Vegas)
Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff(BayWatch)
Fred Williamson(Starky & Hutch)
Kate Linder(Young & The Restress)
Gregori J Martin( Raven)
Jeanine Giovanni(Two & Half Men)
Kate Linder(Young & The Restress)
Tony Tarantino(Quentin Tarantino’s Father)
Susan Kennington
Brenda Dickson
Chip Jordan(Producer) and many others!

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