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Playboy Mansion Red Carpet – ESMG World – EA Sports

When I told a friend that I was at the Playboy Mansion on friday all he could say was that I sucked. Then when I told him that I can’t count how many times I yawned while covering the ESMG World and EA Sports red carpet event at the Mansion last night. He said all kind of bad things that I can’t write about in this column but You know, “It’s in the game!”

Both myself and my photographer Peter Switzer was informed that we had to get to the Hotel by 5:30 and on a shuttle by 5:45 to the mansion so Peter hurried to the Hotel Palomar, had his car valeted (10.00 + 2.00 tip) checked in at the press table, jumped on the shuttle, had lots o’ laughs on the way up to the Mansion. OK, going well so far. Finding we were positioned well on the red carpet was also a plus. That about covers it.

From then it was just very hot, there was no food, no coffee. Peter had killer caffeine head going no cool drinks supplied, and it was hot, cramped, not to mention the eau de porto potte’ wafting through most of the area designated for the press. Porto potties next to the red carpet?? There was two of us so trying to stay on the little spot that was given to us when we had a lot of other media around was very difficult but in reality it did not matter because pretty much nobody showed up to this exclusive event that we could not get inside the mansion access to.

We were being ordered by the staff to sit here only, not to walk there, please clear this alley, and that walkway. OK, Mansion photos anyone? 30 full seconds were allowed to walk into the front fountain area at the entrance to the main building if anyone wanted to take one photo and be escorted back out to the urinal area for seating while waiting for the talent, which would never arrive.

The photo above doe it not look like the media is having one hell of a time? If it were not for early arrivals Hip Hop star/actor Xzibit, actor Bokeem Woodbine, who? and later Twista, (#1 Hit album “Category 5” ) arriving after the 8:30pm scheduled shutdown of the red carpet, it could be said that no one, repeat no one, from the long talent list arrived at the Mansion. And the list was lengthy. They may have entered a back enterance to the Playboy grounds but for the media outside that was not allowed to do anything except the red carpet it was not worth it.
No Paris Hilton. When does Paris miss a chance at a paparazzi moment?! No John Elway, Deion Sanders, yep, no “Primetime.” No Barry Sanders, Eric Dickerson, Marcus Allen, Jerry Rice, Marshall Faulk, Kelly Rowland, all on the list, and the list goes on. No shows. We felt played.

After Twista arrived (photo above / Thank you Twista, you rock!) we decided to board the next shuttle out of there. Actual cheering could be heard from the press corps shuttle as it left the Mansion. Woo hoo!!
What gives with the PR?? It was terrible.I have never in my years covering sports or entertainment seen or heard the media actaually cheering while leaving an event. I do wish that the PR team had been more helpful in regards to announcing who was on the red carpet and to make our job just that much easier but we got no luck with that as people nobody really knew walked the carpet.

More soon from the much more exciting KRESS rooftop party where we should have made the 7pm press check, and spent the entire evening it seems.

Photos and story contribution by Peter Switzer of The Meter/PeterSwizterPhotography.com.

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