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Natural Earth 1st Annual Casino Night Fundraiser

The open air rooftop at Kress on a beautiful summer night was the place to be Friday evening as the Natural Earth 1st Annual Casino Night Fundraiser was alive with roulette wheels and blackjack tables, great music being spun, dancing, a fashion show, and a bevy talent from the L.A. area all having a great time for a great cause.

Kress rooftop is also one of the most exclusive places to be right now in Los Angeles on Hollywood Blvd and Natural Earth took care of business.

We arrived at the club much later than we expected due to circumstances mentioned in a previous rant as well as driving around Hollywood trying to find a parking spot. I think, we may as well have parked at the Kress valet parking since it probably cost as much in gas as parking would have cost.

The staff at Kress were terrific and we in the elevator on our way to the rooftop lounge in just a matter of minutes. The rooftop is open air of course and it was a beautiful night, so it was the place to be Friday night.

When I walked in I noticed Dee Wallace, Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff and Sally Kirkland laughing and carrying on having a great time with the crowd and each other. The place was about 75% full and it was rockin’ in every direction. I spotted Emily VanCamp right before she took the elevator door to go home after a long night partying. This is when I wish Peter and I could have gotten to the venue an hour before because I actually like Ms. VanCamp from such TV show like Everwood and ABC’s Brothers and Sisters.

Dennis Rodman who needs no introduction and Shifty from Crazy Town were hanging out on the other side of the room with a huge throng of friends and everyone else of course. He had the camera crew from VH1 following him around all night and I have known Shifty since I was like 15 so it was nice to see him again.

The wheel was spinning and the dice were flying as the tables were very active with the high roller types or wannabe types. It seemed all were enjoying the chips which were included with the cover charge.

A fashion show broke out around midnight with a full runway for the ten or so models to get their garb strut on. Colorful dresses with maybe a 50’s meets electric Jane Jetson look was going on for the ladies, and that’s not a bad thing, while a no frills, jeans-no-shirt thing for the dudes. Cameras were clicking away and it was definitely a hit. It got the crowd fired up and a few freelance models could be seen on the runway at different times during the remainder of the night. Must of been the Tequila.

We had a lot more fun at this event then anything else we did that night and the staff of Natural Earth, Kress could not have been nicer.

Photo and Story Contributed by Peter Switzer The Meter/PeterSwitzerPhotography.com

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