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Khloe Kardashian Hosts CD Release Party For Brittani Senser

I believe the Kress roof top in Hollywood has become my new favorite place to go and party because they always have some kick ass events going on! Last week was no different as it was the home to an Album Release party for Universal Recording Artist Brittani Senser. I’ll tell you the honest truth. I had no clue who this new singer was but she is talented and celebrities came out to support it.Any event that is hosted by Khloe Kardashian can not be that bad of an event.

As always, I got my credentials and got down to the venue where I met PR lady Eve who took care of me without a single question and I was placed on the red carpet. The bouncer/door man of the venue was joking around about the dress code,who would be let in and who would be escorted to the third floor club where the rules are not so strict.

After taking care of the red carpet, where I spoke to a few people including Catherine Andrews the world renowned artist , Kristos the top Skateboarder ,Celeste Fianna from the CBS show Josh and JB in the Industry, and  Robert Giardina (who is Co-Starring with Christian Slater and Cuba Goding Jr  in Lies and Illusions) Lets not forget Imperial countess Madeleine Walderdorff.Madeleine is also on that CBS show Josh and JB with Celeste. Some other Celebrities I noticed there were the obvious the Universal recording artist , Khloe Kardashien. I did not see them personaly but, someone, saw Tito Ortiz and Adult Film Superstar Jenna Jameson,who’s now retired. 

I have never met any real royalty before!

This event saw Brittani release her Album with songs which included, ” Piece of me” featuring Bobby Valentino and ” Rock Steady”  featuring Platinum Recording Artist David Banner. There were a different set of celebrity DJs  including Playboy Playmate Colleen Shannon, who I have a personal relationship with since meeting her at Glamourcon a few months ago. She is a great women and if you get to know her, she’s a darling. My friend Lou actually made her a personal skateboard that she’s supposed to sell on her website.

I didn’t get any of the free Marini Vodka cocktails and complimentary sushi Courtesy of Kress Management & promotional team. When the carpet was done, Eve took me upstairs and introduced me to Madeleine the imperial countess and skateboarder Kristos who both where very nice. I got some drinks from their bottle and we just talked about everything all night until the club closed.

On my way home after the event, I was waiting for the bus to get home since I had been drinking when two individuals started some chaos on the street. When I saw them hit this guy and continue to do so after he had hit the ground, I ran over there. The perps fled while I called 911 to get paramedics to check him out. He was taken to the hospital for a more thorough examination. You know how it is in Hollywood!

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