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4th Annual Independent Television Festival

I’ve been extremely busy over the last week and I haven’t had time to do much but I did attend most of the Independent Television Festival. ITVFest was held in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Sunset 5 from July 31-August 6.
I must say that I was very impressed by AJ Tesler, who runs the festival and his staff for what they did and how they made this event possible. I watched alot of great content which I’ll do a special spotlight on over the next few weeks.

I missed most of the weekend showings but from Tuesday-Thursday, I was there every day watching as much as I could.  I wanted to provide the producers, directors and stars the credit that they should get for producing some television pilots and shorts that could be on tv tomorrow, if they get the opportunity.That is how impressed I was with some of it.

My favorite shows were OZ Girls,which is produced by a 19 and 20 year old team. Wired City,which is a Sex and the City/Entourage type of show (but for men and also set in New York), Urban Wolf intrigued me. It’s a game of life and death with no speaking and is all about the image and sound. The premise is that it’s a story of survailance and for you to see how much the world is controlled by computers. Its a game of cat and mouse where the guy in the in control needs to take out the main guy before he gets to some hotel by 5pm and will use all available technology to make it happen.

MerriMe.com, which is a story about a rich spoiled girl that needs to find a job or a husband by the time her dad comes back from a business trip. She tries finding a man using one of the numerous online dating sites would do the trick.The thing is from what I saw, it is not as simple as she may think and gioes on a lot of dates with a lot of losers and even a cyber cheater.

One show who’s pilot was outstanding and I believe could be picked up by American Pie Presents or possibly National Lampoon is Sex Education: The Series. You need to check this show out and I bet you’ll enjoy it as much as we all did in the screening.

I’ll make sure that I get a spotlight on all of the shows so you, as the reader, can become a possible fan of some of the shows.I do know that the crew behind OZ Girls did get picked up for representation by United Talent Agency. This should be great for them.

Then, after all the panels and screenings were complete, they had a party. They took place nearly every day of the festival. The award show was amazing where some of the spotlighted shows- OZ Girls, Urban Wolf, Pushing the Limitis, MerriMe.com and a few others received $5000 dollars worth of prizes. These can be used for fun or for the next project that they may work on. They possibly could expand the show they already are working on.

I will do a SpotLight on most of not all of the shows, as I previously reported, that I saw at the festival. I’ll also give out my own “Editors Choice Award”  to the shows that I enjoyed the most for one reason or another.  I am sad yet very happy it is over because it was a lot of work covering this festival on my own.

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