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Pre Teen Choice Award Party

By the time you read this little column, Miley Cyrus will have gotten into more trouble and controversy because of something she did or didn’t do.
I was invited to cover the Pre-Unofficial Teen Choice Award party at Level 3 in the Hollywood and Highland complex. I usually don’t enjoy covering an event where everyone are teenagers because, with most of them, you can’t get the information you want and or need. Anyway, I was invited to cover the gift suite the morning of the party. I attended for approximately a half hour before I had to get back to the Independent Television Festival that I had been attending for the last 3.

I arrived at the event a few hours after it had started. Once there, I spoke with Oliver, a bouncer for the club, before going in. After searching for several minutes,I finally found Terri, the PR lady and checked in. I had hoped they would have given me a gift bag filled with different stuff because some of what I saw would be great for my girlfriend. Unfortunately, they didn’t, so I walked around for a bit before leaving to go back to ITVFest to cover Johnny Homeless screening and a few more.

I contacted Peter Switzer, my photographer, and a few hours later, we were back to Level 3. They told us media check in was at 7 PM and the red carpet started at 8. Peter showed up around 8. At this point, we still hadn’t been placed anywhere.

After talking to one straight out of college PR girl, she informed us to go to one area. The security told us to go to another area. The PR lady then told us to go back and find a spot. The security would again tell us not to go to that spot and  then asked “where is your wrist band” This continued for approximately 5 minutes before I got pissed off! I asked them to please find Terri, the PR lady in charge, who in reality, was not much help. Enough complaining, we finally were placed in a pretty good spot at the end of the carpet. We spoke with a few people including some new female musical group,”The Lolitas”, and with “Sunny With A Chance” star, the lovely Tiffany Thornton, who was one of the few people on the carpet and event that were over 21 years old. Miss Thornton discussed her character and also added that she’s single and looking! if interested, you must have dark hair, be tall and know what you want to do with your life. Ashley Argota spoke with us for a short time about her role on True Jackson VP. Her Publicist must have coached her because she knew exactly what to say and how to respond to most questions.

I did not spot or see anyone from ABC Family’s “Greek” which stars Spencer Grammer, Scott Michael Foster,  Amber Stevens, Jake McDorman or my favorite actress and “Bring It On” Cheerleader Ashley Benson. I actually was looking forward to all of the above attending since I know the “Greek” hair stylist Jessica Elbaum was being honored.

At 9 PM, I left so many of the stars could have shown up later.

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