Jeremy Meyer takes a first and early look at an episode for the new FOX musical show Glee that premieres Wednesday, Sept. 16 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT).

The 411: Glee follows an optimistic teacher who – against all odds and the wishes of his wife –attempts to restore his school’s glee club to its former glory, while helping a group of aspiring underdogs realize their true star potential.

The Good: Glee is as some critics have already said amazing as well as inspiring. The unseen episode that I saw was very uplifting and the show takes a new unthreatening look into this High School Glee club that is as diverse as it could be with your jock, cheerleader, loner, guy boy and a kid that is in a wheelchair but seem to be happier then the rest of them. The show also tackles the adult characters problems and that is very uplifting and hardly seen in a show that focuses on the kids.
The Bad: May be that it is ridding hot on the heals of High School Musical and I am not sure the viewers will be open to tune in each and every week to see what problems this show can get into.
The Last Words: The episode that I saw made me smile and laughs at the same time specially when Ryan Murphy who created the show takes it a little far for network tv by adding a line that deals with not having any gag reflexes and that may not be a bad thing.
DVD, or First Run: I say you should give the show a chance before you really make up your mind so I recommend that you at least check it out..
EXTRA: Full coverage of the Red Carpet will be available shortly in the Page 5 Category.

Jeremy Meyer the Hollywood Examiner gets a early look at a new episode of FOX’s new show Glee.

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