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Los Angeles Rehab Mansion Pool Party

It was 100 degrees in Hollywood when my photographer Scott came to pick me up to go to this event they call “LA Rehab”. It was supposed to be like “Rehab” in Vegas but I had no idea what to expect so we really couldn’t be disappointed.
When we got over the hill into Encino where the mansion party was supposed to take place, the heat just killed me! It was approximately 115 degrees and for the promoters of LA Rehab, it couldn’t have been a better day.

We got to the house and could hear the music blasting before we even got to the start of the block. Walking in was like walking in to heaven as the girls were all over the place.

They had an open bar and free food. If you know anything about reporters and columnists, you know that it may be glamorous to cover all kind of events, parties and red carpets but we still don’t get paid that much. Anything you have that’s free we most definitely appreciate and will usually make it a priority to attend.

This actually is an inside joke in the media. If Public Relations people want the media to cover an event,all they have to do is give us something to drink and something to snack on. This is all it takes to make us happy!

Back to the topic at hand. I walked into the mansion and it was, to my surprise, more like a large house then a mansion but I was just happy to be there!

The girls were all relaxing by the pool and enjoying the 115 degree heat. At this point, I realized that my fat ass didn’t listen to the weather report and I should’ve worn shorts and flip flops so I could jump into the pool as well. Unforunately, as always, I didn’t listen and I came fully dressed and that was a MISTAKE!

They had two DJ’s spinning some good music,a stripper pole in the living room and a few of the girls where having a great time trying to learn how to strip. This was not a “normal party”, but it had more of a lounge feel then anything else. These are the parties that I actually really enjoy.

I look forward to the next one which is supposed to be happening at the end of August. Stay tuned because more Rehab coverage will be coming soon. This time, I will be dressed for the occasion and maybe a few more celebs will attend!

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