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Mass Hysteria Entertainment Announces Launch, Commences Business Operations

Mass Hysteria Entertainment Company is pleased to announce that it has officially commenced business operations in Hollywood California. CEO Daniel Grodnik, a veteran motion picture and television producer, helms the company which aims to create theatrical comedies for young adults with an interactive component.

Mass Hysteria also announced the hiring of Michael Greenfield, a veteran agent and manager of talent for over 40 years, whose primary role will encompass an oversight on casting and talent.

“Mass Hysteria has been a dream of mine for the past decade,” said Grodnik, “and with the underperforming star releases this summer, the timing has never been better to bring the concept to market. Today we embark on a journey to transform entertainment for theatre goers everywhere. Mass Hysteria is the next step in the evolution of film where the audience isn’t asked to sit quietly in the theatre as their parents and grandparents did before them. By design, it’s an experience that will engage the audience in an entertainment that is part film, part gaming, and part theatre.”

Grodnik further notes, “Many of my peers believe that 3D will change the business for the better. In the short term that may be true but technology is expected. I liken 3D to the advent of color television. Mass Hysteria’s priority content is the only thing I see on the horizon that can be truly transformative.” Mike Greenfield, Mass Hysteria’s Sr. VP, agrees saying, “What we are creating with Mass Hysteria is a fully interactive space, it is beyond the simple movie viewer experience, it is a social adventure.”

The first Mass Hysteria movie will hit the theatres September 2010, http://www.MassHysteriaFilms.com

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