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Youngest Record Executives Josh and JB Welch Launch Record Company by Hocking Sister’s Prized Horse

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Josh Welch had just turned 14 years old when he announced to his brother JB Welch his idea for launching a record label. They plan to hock their 12 year old sister’s prized English riding horse named “Lovely” while their parents are away, use the money to launch their new record label Junior Records and buy back the horse before their sister finds out.

Josh explains, “I may be just 14 years old but I have a master plan to recruit the best talent nationwide.” To accomplish this, they must search and audition musicians, singers, composers, photographers, make up artists and stylists and find the best of best. Josh and JB hope to make enough money to buy the horse back before their parents get back home. The Welch brothers are the new stars of the reality TV series “Josh and JB in the Industry” syndicated on television stations nationwide. Viewers each week plug in to see how these ambitious young entrepreneurs pull off their ambitious plan.

The Welch brothers are now into their 8th television episode that got its debut on syndicated TV this summer and airs each week as viewers tune in to see if these brothers can pull of building a record company with no experience, armed with nothing but their talent and the money they got from hocking their sisters horse.

Both Josh and JB write their own music and sing in the group. Josh takes on the base guitar and JB leads with guitar. Their music has a unique sound with a mixture of pop and rock. These kids are the sound of the new generation.

The show is syndicated internationally in over 29 countries, Europe, the Caribbean, reaching over 400 million households worldwide.

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