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* This is: Boring * Offensive * Spam Thanks! 1 vote HU Column: MMA fighter takes on Columnist

This is why I love my job! This week, I had the opportunity to talk to Jason Ellis about his show EllisMania coming to FuelTV on April 9th.

The thing is, while I was discussing his huge resume that includes being a professional skateboarder, satellite radio host and now MMA fighter he told me to get in the ring and he would show me what the show was all about. Looking at this guy, I kept asking myself…WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO???

Well lucky for you, I was more then happy to let Mr Ellis show me what he’s got! I believe in the process, I made the publicists worry for a minute that I was either a daredevil or just straight up nuts! What would they think that I,Jeremy Meyer, some guy in a shirt, jeans and no real MMA experience would agree to get in the ring with this professional fighter!

The people from Fortune Gym in Hollywood had me sign a release so if he beat me to a pulp, they here safe from me going after them for the legal bills! Anyway, they gave me a pair of gloves and to tell you the truth, I had no clue if they even fit correctly. I didn’t have a mouth guard so Jason Ellis told me he would be nice and not hit me in my face.

I got a handful of what I thought were some good punches but I’m not afighter. I didn’t tell them that I hadn’t picked up a weight or run more then a very slow mile in about 7 years! I was sure that I was not in good enough shape to even think about being a challenge in the ring but I was stupid enough to give it a try and it didn’t go too well.

I must thank him for being gentle with me and not fighting full on. As well as not hitting me in the face because I don’t need more help getting better looking! HAHA! Lets put it this way-the promise didn’t last long as a few minutes into our little fight, I gave him a hit to the head. He returned the favor after we hit each other in the stomach and I got a few shots in behind the head He would end it by giving me one good shot to the stomach with the hit bouncing back up. Then continued by giving me a good upper cut that would gave me the opportunity to see stars and Ellis was quick to apologize and ask if I was okay.

Yes, It was one hell of a hit but it was all good and I was ready for more but Fortune Gym actually ended our fight .Here’s my question does that mean I win? Did I get hit in the face and in the process get a technical knockout? I want to know what you think!!!!

While people where doing April fool jokes the joke was on me as I tried to take on an MMA fighter! FuelTV wants you to check out Jason Ellis on EllisMania. In the show, Jason prepares for and hosts
Ellismania 6, a self-branded evening of “fighting at its dumbest,” peppered with hilarious twists of comedy for the amusement of friends and fans lucky enough to witness the absurdity. The series also looks back at the craziness of the previous five Manias, where star-studded match-ups meet goofball antics, including shock collars and blindfolds, in the most original fighting event on the planet!!! The show premieres on FUEL TV Wednesday, April 6 at 10:00PM ET/PT.

That’s my story of the day I stepped in the ring with an MMA fighter with no real preparation or training! He dared me to step in the ring and on the media release for the event it said “Get in the ring if you dare!” For my readers, I had to dare and at least give it a try. Now, it’s time to go back and rest up my SORE BODY!! HAHAHAHA!

So pease make sure to catch the show because I do not want him to ask for a rematch.

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