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HU Column: Reality Rocks!!!

This past weekend, the world of reality television came together to celebrate everything that is reality television. I must say that we just lost a few more brain cells because of the launch of Reality Rocks Expo! It just shows us that enough people like reality television enough that they would agree to pay $35 dollars to go see their favorite reality performer. I refuse to call them stars because in full reality, they have not done anything to get the star treatment that they are!

It’s not like sleeping with as many women or men in a big house rigged with lots of cameras is going to make you a star.Being a 4 foot supposed Italian who drinks and swears enough that your average sailor is going to wonder why you have such a big mouth, is not going to make you a star either. This is what networks are selling to the public. The sad and honest truth is that Americans and other countries in the world actually love watching what I consider train wreck television. Shows such as “The Hills”, “The City”, “Pregnant at 16”, and “The Kardashians” is television that makes us dumber and dumber every time we watch it.

The thing is the Los Angeles Convention Center was packed (or so they thought) with reality performers, fans and media who attended panels. Some of these panels, like Reality TV Changed my Life, Dating and Love in the reality spotlight were nonsese! On the panel of discussion, whatever you may want to call it, were performers/actors from Real Housewives of Orange County, Atlanta and Tough Love. What makes these people experts?


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