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HU Column: Must Not See TV

I have a question to ask all of the readers of this column. Do we really have Hollywood movie stars or real actors that we had in the past? I mean the time when the studios had an iron claw on the stars and being a star actually meant something!

Yes, today we still have a handful of Academy Award winning movie stars such as Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, and Clint Eastwood, who was a star back before I was born! With that said, we don’t have stars like Steve McQueen, James Dean or an Audrey Hepburn.

Today, television is packed with reality shows that makes us lose lots of brain cells and for some reason, we become dumber after each one! We have a different group each year that try to get a record deal, win a date, lose 100’s of pounds, lots of Italians drinking, acting like idiots and these people are getting $100,000 dollars an episode! Are they serious? MTV is paying those losers that much?! Soon, MTV will become the network of Jersey Shore TV!

MTV is not the only network that has stepped away from its original business plan. Entertainment Television best known as E! is becoming the Kardashian television network with Ryan Seacrest adding more and more shows devoted to the Kardashian family! What is wrong with entertainment? HELL, WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS WORLD??


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