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HU Column: Disney Never [Read Me] Again

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I’m not a guy that will sit on my ass and write about how pissed off I am because the bigger kids at school tried to steal my lunch money. I won’t write one either about that really cute girl that I wanted to ask to Prom who told me to get a life and she wouldn’t even go with me if I was the last man on earth and there were no sheep! Are there sheep? What I will write and complain about until my face turns blue for lack of oxygen is when my time gets wasted! That’s exactly what happened the other day, when I received an email asking me if I had any interest in interviewing the cast of Disney’s “Prom”. I want to put an emphasis on the word CAST. That means the entire cast. Not the guy who was on screen for 5 min and nobody give a dam about.

Normally, I don’t say yes to going to Macy’s under any circumstances. Whether it’s to meet the cast of a movie or if that cute blond girl from High School changed her mind and now wanted me to go with her. Well, technically, I guess I gave in because I said sure it sounded like fun because it would give me more time to speak with the cast than if I had done the premiere. I have not been more wrong in my life. But, I took the time to go to Macy’s in Glendale and it could not have been more awkward because I am not the smallest guy at 6”4-6”6 (depending upon what convenient store I am exiting! LOL).


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